About Us

We are working to make sure that all Floridians have a say in their government.

Voter Registration is our Exclusive Focus

It’s been clear from the beginning that our greatest need is to get registered those who are routinely ignored by conventional registration drives – and that an exclusive focus on registering voters is all-important. We avoid the distraction of gathering signatures for candidates or citizen ballot initiatives and focus on this core effort.

Walking to Every Home

in targeted neighborhoods to reach hard-to-find nonvoters in person—especially ex-felons and the very poor – is the only systematic way to reach them. There are no reliable databases or other electronic means we can find. This population includes the most marginalized adults in our society and don’t respond to online appeals, direct mail, rallies, religious leaders or other conventional methods. Engaging them to register requires face-to-face contact.

We walked at least once a week for 18 months in 2019 and 2020 – minus four months in 2020 because of the coronavirus shutdown – and resumed in August to walk more than once a week. In the two months before Florida’s October 5 deadline, we added nearly 300 registrations to our total. In Georgia, we walked every day, except Christmas, for three weeks. Steady, frequent walks are essential, and we now walk twice weekly.

We produce localized palm cards, blank voter registration forms, targeted walk lists, t-shirts for volunteers – both for ourselves and for volunteers in other counties. These materials fill a vital need for specific, local information that statewide organizations did not provide.

Using Data

Using data that show where large numbers of unregistered adults live, we target our walks for high-potential communities. Also useful are online resources that show where low-income rental apartment complexes are located, as well as county voter registration data.

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