Restoring Your Right to Vote

Voters in 2018 adopted Amendment 4 to Florida’s constitution. It automatically restores the right to register and vote to all felons who complete their sentence—and were not convicted of murder or felony sexual offense.

“Automatically” means you don’t need anyone’s permission to register and vote. You can register online—with your county’s Supervisor of Elections, public library, and other locations—or with one of our authorized volunteers.

But remember: You can vote in the 2022 elections only if you register. That includes voting for Florida’s next U.S. Senator and Governor, state legislators and local officials on November 8, 2022 and voting.

Up for vote will be proposals to slash Florida’s new **statewide minimum wage of $15 an hour to $10 an hour. Some of our leaders don’t think you’re worth $15 an hour, so make your voice heard—every vote counts!

We urge you to register right away—no later than 29 days before the next election—or you will not be allowed to vote!

Voting Rights Restoration FAQ

The Registration form asks felons if your rights have been restored.

  • If you believe you have completed your sentence, answer yes.

What if I’m not sure?

The Leon County Clerk of Courts can help, their phone number is (850) 606-4000.

Can I be prosecuted if I make a mistake on my voter registration form?

No. Honest mistakes are not a crime.

What happens after I register?

You should receive a new Voter Information Card within a week or two after registering. If you do not receive your card contact:

Leon County supervisor of Elections

2990-1 Apalachee Parkeway, Tallahassee, FL

(850) 606-8683

I moved, what should I do?

Make sure to report your new address by completing a new voter registration form showing that address. This can protect you from being denied the vote.